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App template! PLEASE USE THIS!

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App template! PLEASE USE THIS!

Post by Knifey on Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:05 pm

Steam Name :
In-Game Name :
Age [any age is welcomed to Apply!] :

Important Information
Steam ID :
Hours On Gmod :

Staff Experience
Have you been staff on other servers?

What rank have you been on other servers?

Out of 10 how well do you know ULX?

Questions [ In-Game Rules]
Explain The Following Rules/Guidelines
[Must Have Suitable Answers]

What does NLR mean :
What does RDM mean :

Explain The Following Scenarios
[ Detail Is Most Important ]

Q1.] Someone accuses a player of supposedly "RDMing" but then the "RDMer" accuses the other person aswell for "RDMing" you go back to the log and see they both killed eachother what do you do?

Answer :

Q2.] You see another T-Mod | Admin | Abusing his admin powers and noclipping in a raid/even to go hide somewhere and then heal himself what do you do?

Answer :

Q3.] You see that a player threatening playes saying hes gonna DDOSS them what actions would you take?

Answer :


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